Millennials: Relationships Are Even More Difficult for You

Are you a millennial struggling with relationship challenges? If so, there are many others in your age range struggling right along with you.

Anyone who’s tuned into the news at all knows that millennials often get a bad rap. They get blamed for destroying the American cheese industry, the diamond industry and the housing market among many others.

What often gets overlooked, however, is compassion. For many millennials, life is way more complex than it was for their parents and grandparents. And one of their greatest challenges is initiating and maintaining healthy significant-other relationships.

Why are relationships so challenging for millennials? Here are some reasons why.

Persistent Economic Uncertainty Makes Millennial Relationships Tougher

Gone are the days of working one job for decades until you retire. From the globalization of the economy to traditional jobs drying up and going overseas, the only guarantee for millennials is change.

Recent studies have shown that millennials on average experience significantly less spending power compared to their parents and grandparents.

Many also are riddled with school debt. More are renting homes instead of buying compared to previous generations at the same age. Significantly more are living with roommates or parents, as well.

Especially given the financial instability millennials are accustomed to, relationships can be tough. It’s hard to focus on your significant other when you feel persistent economic uncertainty and vulnerability.

Social Media and Technology Complicate Relationships for Millennials

Heard of the term “Phubbing?” It’s possible not but you’ve certainly experienced the effects of it.

Phubbing is the new word for phone snubbing. You know, when your companion is so engrossed in their smartphone that they completely forget that you exist.

Not surprisingly, this is an issue in millennial relationships. Partners are getting blocked out and it’s becoming a struggle to communicate on a deep level if at all.

Add to this the jealousy that can be aroused by social media and you have some real challenges. There’s the constant tug of war between virtual friendships and a real-time relationship with your partner.

No one would argue that technology has made it easier than ever to enter into emotional and physical affairs, either. From dating apps to social media instant messaging the dangers are real.

Another increasing problem is couples sharing too much online about their relational difficulties. This can be embarrassing and a big-time betrayal for the one who’s talked about.

Millennial Relationships Often Have Conflicting Goals

For most millennials, career life and family choices are far from as simple as a lifetime of settling down on the farm.

With the constantly changing job landscape, more remote work options and regular traveling or relocating, it’s easy to disagree over the big decisions of life.

It can be easy to try and make plans without consulting your partner first. Although couples throughout history had to make a few of these tough decisions, millennials must make them with more regularity than ever before.

Are You a Millennial Who’s Struggling in Your Relationship?

Because of the relational complexities facing millennials today, it’s not surprising that couples often feel overwhelmed. It can be really tough to solve these struggles alone.

The good news is that you don’t have to. The OC Relationship Center is skilled at helping millennials sort out their complex relationships. Now could be the perfect time to contact the OC Relationship Center to build a better foundation for a healthy relationship!

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