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Improve your relationships with OC’s Premier Couples Counseling Center.

  • Dealing with an affair? Infidelity?
  • Not communicating?
  • No intimacy?
  • Trust Issues? Cheating?
  • Made a big mistake in your relationship?
  • Want to make a good marriage really fulfilling?

Couples counseling Newport Beach. Give your relationship the enrichment you and your partner deserve.

Relationship Center of OC has helped hundreds of couples and individuals to:

  • Build trust
  • Resolve past hurts
  • Talk more – argue less
  • Increase romance and intimacy
  • Make good relationships into REALLY GREAT relationships!
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Invest in your relationship today. Research shows there are specific skills to help people enjoy each other more, and be happier – including reducing arguing, stopping stonewalling and reducing critical interactions. These aren’t skills you learned in school or from your parents. Couples who are motivated can learn to implement these relationship skills and experience the rewards. With practice and feedback, most couples show a significant improvement in the quality of their relationship. Let the experienced relationship experts at the Relationship Center of OC share these skills. Let’s make your relationship happier!

Why Choose Couples Counseling Newport Beach at The Relationship Center of OC?

1. We are the #1 Couples Counseling Center in OC. We Specialize in Helping Couples.

In truth, many therapists have couples counseling as an adjunct to their regular practice. They may see 1/4 of their practice as couples. Our clinicians are passionate about couples counseling and regularly work with couples. Each of our therapists has couples in over 75% of their caseloads. We understand high-conflict relationships…as well as couples who lack connection and intimacy. We are also very directive in therapy which means we We are ready to help and save you time.

2.  We Have Advanced Experience and Training

Our therapists are well-trained couples therapists – with additional training in research-based methods explicitly designed to improve relationships between partners. The research shows that identifying and enhancing communication interactions, doing homework assignments, along with feedback from a highly-trained couple’s therapist show the most potential for relationship enhancement. Our counselors have studied what skills are necessary to have a great relationship – and we are ready to teach them to you. Our mission is “Peace of Mind…and heart” and that is our goal for you and your relationship. Imagine! Having a supportive, thriving relationship that you’ve always wanted!

3. We Continually Measure Progress, So You Get the Best Results

Your feedback is valuable to us. At each session, we measure progress including how you are doing week to week and how well your therapist is meeting your needs. As we measure, we adjust our approach to help you maximize positive results. Studies show that clients who work with therapists who measure progress week to week have double to triple the improvement as compared to the results with therapists who do not measure.

4. We are Passion about Relationships

We know that at the end of the day, you want your relationship to thrive. Our therapists understand that often, a happy relationship helps everything in our lives: our health, our energy, even our success in other areas. And we are incredibly passionate about partnerships, love, and enrichment in our lives.

For more information about how couples counseling can help you enrich your relationship – or resolve your relationship difficulties, please call our central office at 949.220.3211 or email us at  . We cover the Orange County area, with couples counseling Newport Beach and Mission Viejo.

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