Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling Services in Orange County

As you know, the teen years can be difficult for the teen and the family.

Changes are going on in the basic chemistry of the body and brain.

Your teen’s job at this stage is to develop their own set of values and ideas. This can be very frustrating to the parent because this often means rejecting the values of the parents. So you want to provide a safe place for your teen to work through this stage while having peace and ease in your home.

But how do you know if these behaviors are typical growing pains or if your teen (and family) needs some help?

Here are some indications that you might want to consider some teen or family counseling:

1. Your teen is struggling with depressive symptoms, including not wanting to go to school, not getting along with her friends, and not enjoying things that used to enjoy. Teen depression is much more common than people think. In 2017, one study reported that 20% of teen girls and 7% of teen boys had a major depressive episode that year. It is critical at this time to get our teens the help that they need. We want to teach your child how to manage the symptoms and thoughts that create depression and anxiety symptoms.

2. Is your teenager struggling with anger issues? Angry outbursts? Defiant behavior? Problems at school?

3. Are you noticing anxiety symptoms in your teenager? Perfectionistic? Feeling not good enough?

4. Are you noticing physical symptoms such as not sleeping or not eating?

5. Do you suspect, or have you found your teen involved in drugs or alcohol?

6. Are you feeling overwhelmed and powerless about how to help your teen?

If this sounds familiar, consider getting your teen and family some help. OC Relationship Center offers you a place to identify, address, and work through these struggles that might otherwise seem overwhelming. Our goal is to assess the severity of the issues and help you and your family develop the skills need to communicate and interact in healthy and effective ways.

teen counseling

Adolescence is challenging enough. Let’s help your teen – and your family – to feel better, get along better, and enjoy each other.