Counseling for Women

Struggling with your life or relationship? Anxious? Stressed? Feeling blue or having trouble making decisions? You don’t have to go through this alone. Meet with one of our licensed counselors for help in any area of your life.


Relationship Counseling

Arguing? Trust Issues? Feeling B=betrayed? Don’t wait until it is too late. Our licensed, caring counselors have over 70 years of combined experience helping couples like you. Yes, we see all couples – married, dating, and same-sex. Let us help!

Child Counseling

Worried about your child’s behavior?
Feeling exhausted and irritable due to tantrums, defiance, or overly clinginess?
Let our child and teen therapists help your family find the calm and happiness you deserve.

We have helped hundreds of people like you in Orange County, CA.

Make an appointment for Anxiety Counseling, Relationship, or Couples Counseling via secure Teletherapy.

Relationship Center of Orange County believes that you deserve more comfort, more love, more joy, more peace, and more ease in your life. Simple as that.

Please don’t wait one more day. Give us a call at 949-430-7218 or text us. If you are ready to get started right away, click here to schedule an appointment at our Newport Beach office. We look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.

We Use Proven Strategies – Blending The Latest Research With Caring Hearts

It’s Time to Feel Better. We can help via Teletherapy.

These are difficult times for many of us. Whether you are single or in a relationship, there comes a time where things are not going smoothly. It seems like the harder you try to feel better, the more stressful things are. As we know, excessive worry and stress can make everything feel worse.
Our licensed counselors want to help you.  Learn more about Teletherapy ➝

Anxiety Counseling

via Teletherapy with offices in Newport Beach
and Mission Viejo can help with:

  • Out of control worrying
  • Racing thoughts
  • Feeling of ‘dread’
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Relationship difficulties due to stress
  • Reaching a new state of peace and ease

Marriage & Couples Counseling

via Teletherapy with offices in Newport Beach
and Mission Viejo can help with:

  • Trust issues or physical/emotional affairs
  • Repetitive arguments or lack of communication
  • Problems with sexual intimacy
  • Feelings of emptiness or disconnection
  • Questions about “should we stay together.”
  • Premarital: setting the stage for happiness

Teletherapy Now Offered

Meet with your counselor via a secure, easy-to-use video app.
Stay home. Be safe. Get the help you want.

What People Are Saying

I am forever grateful for this service, and especially to Brittany Rizzo!!!Before the pandemic I knew I had some things in my mind/heart that I wasn't ready to, nor could have found the bottom of...After loosing work, as a waitress, life was not getting any easier...She kindly and patiently helped me dig into what I thought as a Tornado of problems!!!One session at a time I was given validation...Validation for my feelings, emotions, and reactions to the situations in my life...If you think you're going down a dark or troubled road, it's ok to ask for help!!!And it's even more important to invest in your self growth!!!We're all just human, and we all deserve a nonjudgmental approach to our harsh feelings about our lives and our thoughts...She taught me how to practice self kindness, how to practice breaking through my metaphorical Brick walls I created for years, and of course encouragement to feel strong enough to be me again...She changed my life and I might not have been able to share this story with you all if it wasn't for her... She is also just a human, but she's made me a better person than I thought I could be...For this, I am never going to forget her & what she had done for me!!! I hope that anyone who might be considering getting help to take at least this one step, for YOU!!!read more
rachel chrisman
rachel chrisman
03:01 17 Feb 21
Casey is a top notch professional and helped me through a devastating breakup
Hans Ewert
Hans Ewert
01:58 04 Dec 19
The Relationship Center offers the hours you need, skilled therapists and an inviting and warm atmosphere. If your relationship is struggling or just needs a tune up, I highly recommend more
Jennifer Costanza
Jennifer Costanza
16:19 26 Mar 19
The Relationship Center of Orange County is truly a great resource for those who desire support and guidance with issues relating to their relationships whether it be with their spouse, partner or family member. In my opinion, they provide high quality therapy services and I highly recommend more
Lisa Ottenhoff
Lisa Ottenhoff
19:21 06 May 18
The Orange County Relationship Center is a group of friendly and helpful therapists. They have a great deal of experience and are very skilled. No matter what you or your loved ones are struggling with, they can help. I highly recommend more
Joe Taylor
Joe Taylor
16:30 19 Apr 18
The Relationship Center of Orange County is the place to turn to when you are struggling in your relationships and want compassionate, caring, highly trained support to help you resolve conflicts and have more fulfilling connections. I have worked with Casey Truffo throughout my years as a therapist and I know first hand of her integrity, dedication, compassion and skills. Orange County is lucky to have the Relationship Center as part of their community where couples and families can be not just supported, but more
Risa Ganel
Risa Ganel
16:35 09 Apr 18
Casey Truffo is an amazing professional who has assembled a seasoned staff ready to help you. Love the attention to ensuring a good fit, which is essential to successful treatment. Bravo!read more
Paul Hamilton
Paul Hamilton
03:47 20 Feb 18
The Relationship Center of Orange County is an excellent resource. Casey and her team are top notch. If you would like to improve your relationship this is the place to go!read more
Misti Nicholson
Misti Nicholson
06:30 07 Feb 18
If you are struggling with relationships concerns, the OC Relationship Center is the place for you. Their expert clinicians focus specifically on relationships, and are skilled in couples therapy. This practice is run efficiently, so in addition to the therapy itself, the experience of being a client here is smooth and accessible. Highly recommended!read more
Ayelet Krieger
Ayelet Krieger
17:40 10 Jan 18
Casey Truffo is incredibly warm, compassionate, and helpful! I have enjoyed getting to work with her and experience her wealth of insight and direction. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for help in their relationships!read more
Chris Chandler
Chris Chandler
14:31 06 Jan 18
OC Relationship Center is a wonderful group practice. They take wonderful care of their clients, and help couples to thrive! I highly recommend them to anyone seeking therapy to help heal and improve their more
Jennie Steinberg
Jennie Steinberg
06:38 04 Jan 18
This place is very welcoming. All the therapist are experienced, warm and caring, and effective. They work will all issues from couple communication struggles, to depression and anxiety. As a therapist myself, I happily refer to all the therapists in this more
April De Higes
April De Higes
01:58 04 Jan 18
I have known Casey Truffo professionally for some time. She is a highly experienced, warm, and compassionate psychotherapist who places the heart at the center of her group practice. You can be certain that you will be made to feel welcomed and well taken care of either by Casey and her staff of seasoned professionals. I would also like to add that Casey is a recognized leader and mentor to many, both nationally and internationally. So, if you are seeking an understanding and approachable counselor who can help you have a more satisfying and healthier relationship, be it with your partner, your child, or with yourself, I recommend that you contact Casey more
Ana Maria Sierra, Ph.D.
Ana Maria Sierra, Ph.D.
04:58 15 Mar 16
I have known Marni Reinhardt for the last 12 years. I have seen her bloom as a therapist and grow in her skills from the beginning. She can add so much into her work through her special training in hypnosis and relational issue as well as Evidence Based Practice Models. She is a caring, compassionate, and direct therapist who loves her work and more than anything to help. I highly recommend her!read more
Nadia Jones
Nadia Jones
06:43 26 Oct 15

Life is not always easy. Anxiety is the zeitgeist of our time.

It affects our peace, our freedom, and our relationships.

It can feel as if things are entirely out of your control. You aren’t sure how to make yourself (or anyone else) feel less stressed, happier, or more peaceful. Especially when you read the news or scroll social media.

It is time to feel better. Yes. Right now. You deserve to feel better.

We want to help you to get along better and be happier—whether that is with yourself, your partner, at work or with your family.

Here at the Relationship Center of Orange County, call (949)220-3211 or text (949)220-3211, we can give you the best counseling services for Anxiety Counseling,  Marriage Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Couples Counseling, Same Sex Couples Counseling, Men’s Counseling, Women’s Counseling, Stress Counseling and Individual Counseling.

Get relief from your anxiety

Stop Excess Worry.
Be Happy in Your Life and Relationships Again.

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