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Arguing? Trust Issues? Don’t wait Until It Is Too Late. Our Licensed, Caring Counselors Have Over 30 Years Combined Experience Helping Couples Like You. Yes, We See All Couples – Married, Dating, and Same Sex.  Let us help!
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Struggling With Your Life or Relationship? Anxious? Stressed? Feeling Blue or Having Trouble Making Decisions? You Don’t Have to Go Through This Alone. Meet With One of Our Licensed Counselors for Help in Any Area of Your Life.
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It’s time to feel better.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, there comes a time where things are not going smoothly. It seems like the harder you try to feel better (or make a relationship better), the more stressful things are. It can feel as if you are walking on eggshells. Our licensed counselors want to help you.

Relationship and Couples Counseling in Newport Beach can help with:

* Trust issues or physical/emotional affairs
* Repetitive arguments or lack of communication
* Problems with sexual intimacy
* Feelings of emptiness or disconnection
* Questions about “should we stay together.”
* Premarital: setting the stage for happiness

Individual counseling can help with:

* Relationship struggles whether single or if your partner doesn’t want to attend counseling
* Feelings of sadness or anxiety
* Stress and overwhelm
* Problems with loneliness
* Unresolved past traumas

Relationships and life aren’t always easy. Sometimes you think that things are entirely out of your control. You aren’t sure how to make yourself (or anyone else) feel less stressed, happier, or more peaceful.Image of a couple perhaps after attending Relationship and Couples Counseling in Newport Beach at sunset

It is time to feel better. Yes. Right now. You deserve to feel better.

We want to help you to get along better and be happier—whether that is with yourself, your partner, at work or with your family.

Here at the Relationship Center of Orange County, (call 949-220-3211) or text 949-220-3211), we can give you the best counseling services for Marriage Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Couples Counseling, Same Sex Couples Counseling,
Men’s Counseling, Women’s Counseling, Stress Counseling and Individual Counseling.

Relationship Center of Orange County believes that you deserve more comfort, more love, more joy, more peace and more ease in your life. Simple as that.

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