Stay-At-Home Dads–What to Say When Well-Meaning People Say Dumb Things to You

If so, you know all too well that people can say some pretty insensitive things. Most aren’t intentionally trying to hurt you. Still, you leave many conversations scratching your head and feeling misunderstood.

What do you say when people say dumb things to you about your unorthodox occupation? Here are some ideas.

Educate People When They Something Dumb

There are a lot of misconceptions about your role in our culture. You can help dispel the myths and make it easier on all stay-at-home days by teaching people the truth.

You only need to share as much about your personal life as you want. There’s no need to feel like you’re on the defensive.

Based on your personality, you can let people see into your life and understand why the stay-at-home-dad thing makes the most sense for your family.

Maybe your spouse can bring in a better income than you but two incomes don’t make sense due to daycare costs. It’s ok to say that.

Or maybe you just prefer working at home more than your spouse does. That’s ok, too.

You can also showcase that side business you do along with all your other responsibilities as a stay-at-home dad.

Let people see for themselves that your role makes the best sense for many families including yours.

Stay-At-Home Dads: Say Something Clever

Think of the most common questions you get asked and think of fun, clever things to say in response.

Maybe you don’t want to educate others so they say less dumb things to people like you.

That’s ok. Why not try this instead.

Here’s a textbook question you can have more than enough fun with:

“So…..(longer than necessary pause) What do you do all day?”

You saw that question coming from a mile away didn’t you?

Why not go on the offensive instead of the defensive?

Try something like this:

Smile and chuckle at this question (like, boy, that’s a funny one!).

“Maybe a better question is what don’t I do? My house would literally cave in if I wasn’t there to make everything work.”

Or how about this one:

“What I do all day? Let’s see…Laundry, doctor’s appointments, taking care of puking kids, kids’ homework, school/sports taxi, paying bills, cooking meals, cleaning toilets, fixing cars, yardwork, a side business and a million other things…

I’m not sure what to do all day! Do you have any suggestions?”

Unfortunately, you already know the dumb questions will probably keep coming. But you also know that your family desperately needs you.

That can give you the confidence to stick up for yourself and your family! If it is time for you to schedule your couples counseling appointment online using our online scheduling tool, call us at (949) 393-8662, or text us.

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