How to Handle Credit Card Debt as a Couple

Struggling with credit card debt as a couple? The stress credit card debt creates can suffocate the health of your relationship if you’re not careful. The two of you need to come up with a solution to tackle that debt, but how?

Although going into this type of debt can be difficult, there are solutions to your struggle. Just how do you handle credit card debt as a couple? Here are a few things to try.

First, Find Out the Reason for Your Debt

It could be that one or both of you are impulsively spending. If so, this is a serious relationship challenge that needs to be addressed. Until this happens, this struggle will likely follow you no matter how much money you make.

It’s also entirely possible that the two of you are doing all you can to be financially smart but you just need to make more money. There are other possibilities that may have added to the challenge like a costly unexpected expense.

Talk openly about the problem when you’re well rested. Once you’ve identified the reason for your credit card debt, you’ll be ready to take some additional steps.

Fight the Problem, Not Each Other

There’s no way around it: Money matters matter in relationships. Left unresolved, they can greatly hamper the quality of your bond or even put it at risk of failing.

That’s why it’s so important to avoid creating additional problems while trying to solve credit card debt. Talking about money troubles can be emotional but you don’t have to let that stress sabotage your relationship.

Resolve to avoid tearing each other down throughout this process. Instead, focus on tearing down the problem together. Not only will you have all that energy you would’ve lost fighting about the problem. You’ll also be working as a team, greatly increasing your ability to find a resolution.

Don’t Freak Out About the Credit Card Debt 

Depending on your personalities, you may have to fight against another challenge—freaking out about the problem. In this scenario, you may not be fighting each other but will be fighting yourself.

That stress reaction will make it even tougher to dig yourself out of a hole. Own the fact that prolonged choices to stress out about the problem will only make matters worse.

The reality is this problem didn’t happen overnight and it likely won’t be resolved overnight. Don’t let that fact discourage you. Instead, set small, reasonable goals to chip away at your debt over time. That approach comes with far less stress and can be empowering as you see progress.

Your Relationship is More Valuable Than Money

When you’re struggling with money issues as a couple, they can consume you if you’re not careful. Be sure to take a step back from the problem and remind yourself that you still have each other. That fact is far more valuable than money.

Yes, you need to problem solve. No, you haven’t lost it all no matter how bad it may seem at the moment.

If you’re struggling with credit card debt as a couple, it also can be helpful to work through this challenge with a counselor. Our highly trained therapists at the OC Relationship Center can help you work through any relational roadblocks that may be preventing you from resolving your debt.

Scheduling with us is confidential and convenient. We can see you at our Newport Beach or Mission Viejo, CA counseling locations.

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