Dating for Busy Men and Women — Tips and Advice

Desiring to get into the dating scene when you’re busy can be frustrating. The frustration mounts all the more if you’re middle-aged or older.

Weeks, months and even years slip by. You can feel like you’re not getting any closer to a resolution.

But thankfully being busy doesn’t have to kill your dating game. Here are some specific ideas to help.

Consider Online Dating

Much of the stigma associated with online dating has been shattered in recent years. There’ve been plenty of success stories about couples who met online and fell in love.

Online dating is a great way to avoid wasted time. You can quickly find potential mates who closely match what you’re looking for.

Instead of just randomly meeting someone you know nothing about, you can more quickly decide if you want to proceed.

Just keep your goals in mind when searching for an online dating platform. If you seek a committed long-term relationship, make sure you use a reputable and proven dating platform.

Make Your In-Person Dates Brief at First

You likely don’t have time to sink hours into a date that may not go anywhere. You don’t have to do a sports event or fancy dinner to start. Why not keep things brief and low key instead?

Try meeting for coffee for a half hour to see if you want to invest time in a longer future date. You can also try what some call speed dating. Meet for about ten minutes and decide if you want to pursue anything in the future.

A shorter first date takes the pressure off of everyone. These dates are usually cheaper and take less time but you can still get a good idea if you want to meet again.

Take Some Things Off Your Plate

Finding a suitable mate is one of the highest priorities of people in life (If not the highest). It merits cutting back on work if you can. It merits doing some remote work to avoid commuting time drains if you get the green light.

The reality is that people make time for what truly matters to them. And we all only have so many hours in a day.

Evaluate your schedule. Find the weakest links and time wasters. Things that pale in importance compared to finding a mate. Do yourself a favor and cut back on those marginal obligations for the greater good of your life.

It’s hard to imagine you’ll regret doing this. By cutting things out that don’t matter as much, you’ll also make a better decision when it comes time to make a long-term commitment.

Your choice will be more thought out and deliberate. You’ll know your potential mate better having taken more time. The decision to pursue higher levels of commitment or not will be clearer to you.

It also can’t be understated that you can be busier when you’re single and get away with it. Dating and having a healthy long-term relationship may take more time than you can give unless you cut back a little over the long haul anyway. Cutting back now while you’re dating will help you get used to that lifestyle change.

Do you feel too busy to date and need to get off the relentless treadmill of life? Now could be the perfect time to contact the OC Relationship Center to build a better foundation for a healthy relationship!

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