Beautiful Things to Tell Your Wife

How much happier your marriage could be if you’d tell your wife beautiful things. But too few consistently reap the rewards of something so simple!

Most women feel deeply loved from words of affection. Yet, most experience an ongoing, beautiful word famine.
Want a happier marriage? Start using beautiful words and you’ll be on the fast track to marital bliss.

We’re certainly not talking manipulation in the form of nice words to get what you want. That’ll backfire quickly. After all, no one will be quicker to see through your ploy than your wife. She knows you better than anyone else.

Looking for some beautiful words that’ll make a big difference in your marriage? Here are some to consider.

“You are the Most Beautiful”

The first beautiful thing you can say to your wife is, “You are the Most Beautiful.”

Women have a strong need to feel beautiful. In fact, for most women, to be viewed as beautiful is the most important thing to them. This isn’t a matter of vanity. Rather, it’s how they’re wired.

Can the desire to be beautiful be taken too far by a woman. Sure, it can.

But a woman can no more change her desire to be viewed as beautiful than she can change the family she was born into. It’s part of her make-up (no pun intended).

Want to give your wife confidence like nothing else? Tell her she’s beautiful (and really mean it)!

And while you’re at it, tell her she’s the most beautiful. It does your wife no good to think she’s one of many beautiful females out there.

Tell your wife this and watch her turn into the most beautiful woman for you (both inside and out).
She has to believe it for herself first before she can become it for you.

You are the most influential person to make your wife feel like the most beautiful. Don’t take this responsibility lightly.

Don’t be so irresponsible that your wife “swoons” if she hears these words from someone else (All because you never gave your wife the affirmation she needed)!

“I’m Proud of You” and “I Believe in You”

All of us need to hear these words. Many ladies grew up in homes where this wasn’t expressed enough.

Your wife needs to know that you’re her biggest cheerleader. She desires your affirmation and encouragement.

Sincerely and consistently say these words to your wife and watch her bloom. Starve her of these words and she’ll wilt.

Say Nothing

Thinking something that will hurt your wife if you say it? In that case, silence is beautiful.

Saying beautiful words is only half of the battle. The other half is not saying things you shouldn’t. This takes a lot of self-control especially during the tense times of your marriage.

Just remember that negative, sarcastic and mean words damage your relationship. They cancel out the unkind words you say and then some.

Struggling to say beautiful words to your wife—to give her the affirmation she needs? If so, all isn’t lost. This is a skill you can learn, greatly improving your relationship in the process.

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