Why Even the Best Relationships Have Problems at Times

All relationships have problems. That’s just a fact of life.

We’ve all fallen into the trap of thinking someone else’s relationship looked “just perfect”. Like something out of a fairy tale.

These notions need dispelled because they’re not healthy or based in reality. Thinking others have the “perfect” relationship can make you unhappy with your own even to the point of “wanting out”.

You also may become discouraged that your relationship isn’t better by playing unfair comparison games. After all, you’re jumping to conclusions without all the information.

All relationships have problems and here are some reasons why.

Vastly Different Backgrounds Can Create Conflict

Opposites often attract when it comes to relationships. There’s one challenge that comes along with this, however.

You and your partner likely see life through very different lenses. This is true even for couples who may have the same ideals, morals or religious beliefs.

Conflicts will arise about how to interact with your in-laws, how to raise your children, how you spend your money and many other factors.

Ideally, this process will eventually bring the two of you closer together as you learn to work through your differences.

That doesn’t mean the process is always easy.

Even the best couples regularly have differences of opinion they need to discuss. And even under the best of circumstances, these friction points don’t always go well.

Sometimes, Bad Things Happen that are Beyond Your Control

Even if you could go through life with your mate in a utopia-sort-of existence, there’s just one challenge.

Relationship problems aren’t always created between the two of you. They happen outside of you when bad things affect your relationship that are out of your control.

That could mean job loss, health problems, an auto accident or the loss of a loved one. These times can be bewildering. You or your partner may act out of your normal character because of these unforeseen events.

This can cause stress on even the best relationships.

In time, things will get better. But in the meantime, you and your partner will have to work extra hard to cope. You’ll have to be intentional about not letting external problems negatively affect your relationship.

Even the Healthiest People are Broken

This fact doesn’t need to be a source of discouragement. Realizing it is half the battle.

There are no perfect people. All of us are a work in progress.

Imperfect people naturally create imperfect relationships. Problems are bound to take place.

The key is to learn strategies that help you to maintain a strong bond despite your difficulties. Your problems can bring you closer together instead of tearing you apart.

Is your relationship experiencing challenges that you’re not sure how to fix on your own? Problems in your relationship don’t have to undermine your relational happiness. Now could be the perfect time to contact the OC Relationship Center to build a better foundation for a healthy relationship!

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