Should You Start a Business with Your Mate or Spouse?

For some, starting a business with your mate or spouse works out great. For others, not so much.

Of course, the only 100-percent way to know if this will be a positive experience for you is to give it a try. But that doesn’t mean you necessarily should.

Here are a few indicators that starting a business with your significant other could be a good idea. But, ultimately, it’s a choice the two of you have to make.

You’re Both Excited by the Prospect

Your plans won’t go far if only one of you are excited about running a business together. Dragging the other into the business is a bad idea.

You’ll both need to expend an incredible amount of energy into this dream. Because of this, the thought of running a business together needs to energize both of you.

If you aren’t both completely on board, you should either abandon that idea or come up with a new one that each of you can get behind.

You’ve Worked Well Together on Smaller Past Projects

Have you worked on smaller projects in the past? If so, was that a good experience or the opposite?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, try finding something small to accomplish together before jumping into a business with both feet.

Just because you’re compatible in a romantic relationship doesn’t guarantee the same when it comes to work. In fact, some otherwise healthy couples find that working together actually harms their relationship which leads us to our next point.

You’re OK with the Prospect of Spending A Lot of Time Together

Some couples are perfectly happy spending every waking moment together. Others are not.

That variance often has nothing to do with the level of relational commitment or lack thereof.

Some couples need time away from each other to have a strong relationship. For these couples, the natural breaks from each other that work, social gatherings or hobbies provide are essential for a healthy relationship.

Other couples aren’t hindered by spending a lot of time together. They don’t get on each other’s nerves on a regular basis like would happen for some couples if they spent too much time together.

Summing this one up, if being together a lot more will strengthen your relationship, then, go for it. If you fear it could drive a wedge between the two of you, it’s best to reconsider.

You Have a Plan in Place to Balance Work and Family Time

You already know that running your own business together will demand much of your energy and time.

But how will you avoid your business taking up precious and vital family time with each other or your children?

Your business is about providing an important need to others and about your livelihood. However, your family health is always more important than making an extra buck or providing a service to customers.

Be sure to set boundaries with your business beforehand so it doesn’t erode the health of your family. If your family life isn’t strong, you’ll greatly struggle to maintain a successful business over the long haul.

Are you and your partner considering starting a business together? There are many things to consider as you try to decide. Now could be the perfect time to contact the OC Relationship Center to build a better foundation for a healthy relationship!

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