How to Get Rid of A Break-Up Emotion

Perhaps a better title for this article would begin with “how not to.” 🙂

That’s because we find an absurd amount of ways to cope with intense break-up emotions.

The problem is that these coping strategies aren’t always good for us or the people around us.

Oh, we find any way we can to numb our lives. We all but knock ourselves unconscious in attempts to forget and feel “normal” again.

If we’re not careful, we can end up worse off than we started.

So, how do you get rid of a break-up emotion? Here are some ideas.

Remember You Need Time

You aren’t going to read this article and walk away miraculously healed of all your bitterness, volcanic anger, jealousy and despair.

You’ll hopefully gain some empowerment, though. A few more shreds of hope you can sanely pull this off. Because you can.

That takes time. In some cases, a lot of it. Keep reminding yourself of that.

If you’re experiencing strong emotions you at least at one point cared about the person you were with.

Maybe you ended the relationship, it was mutual or maybe it wasn’t your decision at all.

Depending on how much you invested in the relationship, we could be talking weeks, months and even years to feel completely normal again.

Vent Your Emotions

Time by itself, will not cause your break-up emotions to vanish, though. Those powerful emotions need to come out.

Slapping your ex, yelling at an innocent bystander, breaking something or eating an entire Texas sheet cake obviously doesn’t count.

Nor does quickly jumping into another relationship or finding every bottom of every bottle you can.

Any one of those things could be tempting especially depending on how you’re wired and your background. Many others besides could seem tempting, too.

Instead, try some of these much-healthier options:

Rigorous physical exercise—Gets out aggression, gives you better health and no one gets hurt.

Journal through your emotions—It’s beautiful. You can unleash all the thunder and lightning you need to and no one needs to see.

Take up a self-forgetting hobby—For some, that’s shopping, fishing, painting or reading. This will keep you calm.

Talk to a trusted friend—Just admitting what emotions you’re feeling can help.

Eat healthier—A healthier body leads to better ability to handle emotional stress.

Seek out a professional—You’ll get plenty of compassion and solid help to deal with those complex feelings.

At the time, break-up emotions can feel like they’ll go on forever. Thankfully, they won’t. Start today towards something better! Schedule your appointment online using our online scheduling tool, call us at (949) 393-8662, or text us.

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