How to Decide If the Time is Right to Bring Home a Pet

If you’re wondering the answer to this question, you’re probably thinking about introducing a pet that’s more high-maintenance than an aquarium fish.

Likely, you’re thinking a cat or dog although there are plenty of other pets that require significant attention.

Here are some considerations to help you decide if now’s the right time.

Do You All Agree About the Pet?

If you want a pet but others in your family unit who will need to help care for it don’t, it’s best to wait.

If you want the pet but your partner doesn’t, whenever an inconvenience arises because of your pet (And there will be many) this will be a source of contention in your relationship and family.

Count the Cost of Bringing a Pet into Your Home

Part of the process of deciding for or against a pet is putting aside the idealistic idea of pet ownership. Think about the “nitty gritty” daily ramifications of bringing a pet home.

Ways to do this are to count the cost financially. Can you afford to purchase the pet, provide it with food and purchase pet-care products?

What about vet bills, vaccinations and unexpected medical issues that may arise? Another unexpected cost for some is having someone watch your pet while you’re gone.

But financial cost counting is only part of the equation.

Are you ready to house train an animal in the wee hours of the night, clean up animal puke or diarrhea on occasion? Yes, it’s gross but a reality.

What about potential pet hair in your house? Do you have the time to bathe muddy pets and vacuum/sweep more regularly?

If you have family pet allergies, there are far greater considerations. You can possibly compromise by getting an animal that doesn’t shed.

If you can, talk to a pet owner who has the breed of animal you’re considering. This will give you a more specific idea of what to expect. YouTube videos and pet-specific articles can also help.

Do You Have the Time?

It won’t be fair to your pet or you if you are too busy to care for one. If you’re frequently gone, having a pet could be tough.

Also, if you’re experiencing a significant life change such as recently moving, a new relationship, the birth of a child or a job change, it could be wise to wait until things settle down.

Pets require stability and a kind, loving owner who can take daily walks with them. If you worry about not having enough time, it could be the wrong time to have a pet.

Summing It Up

Only those who’ve had a pet can personally attest to how attached you can get. If you have children, this increases exponentially.

Suddenly getting rid of a pet because it isn’t working out will be very hard for your family. Because of this, the issue of bringing a pet home is a more important than it often gets credit for.

By doing your research and planning accordingly, you’ll be prepared to make the right choice for you and your family.

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