My Substance Use Disorder is Hurting My Family and I Need Help

Substance overuse is far-reaching. It doesn’t just stop on your doorstep and affect only you. It branches out and brushes up against everyone around you, especially your family.

You may know it’s time to get help but struggle with the next move. What steps do you take? Where can you turn? What will help look like? The unknowns of treatment can be scary especially when you already feel out of control. The good news is there’s hope.

Everyone’s substance use treatment will look a little different. In light of that, it’s valuable to weigh the pros and cons of several different treatment options to see which one is best for you. Also, as you progress, your treatment needs will likely change. Here are some possible ways to get help for your substance use disorder.

Addiction Support Groups

We’re all stronger together. Knowing there’s someone close by who has faith in you is powerful. Being encouraged when you feel weak and vulnerable can make a huge difference.

Addiction support groups are usually geared toward a specific addiction. It may be something like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) or Gamblers Anonymous (GA).

Regardless of your struggle, there’s a group of people out there who understand and want to encourage freedom and growth in you. Often, this is done through a 12-step process of regaining and finding greater meaning in life without substance use.

One of the most powerful aspects of these support groups is they’re full of people who’ve gone through the same struggles as you but overcame them. They’ll encourage you to do the same. 

Drug Overuse Hotlines

When you call a drug overuse hotline, a trained representative will walk you through a number of questions to help recognize the signs and symptoms of substance use struggles you’re experiencing.

With this information, they’ll direct you to services that will benefit you on your journey to freedom. They can also connect you to resources such as facilities and programs that specialize in helping individuals struggling with substance use.

Drug Treatment Centers

All across America, there are thousands of drug treatment centers. They range from basic facilities to luxury ones. The type of center can depend on your specific needs or how much your insurance will cover. Luxury treatment centers offer many amenities including acupuncture and massage. Some centers are gender or age specific, making the setting more specialized and comfortable.

Before entering a rehab center, a patient may need to undergo medical detox. That could take about a week of avoiding the substance and being monitored by doctors and nurses. Occasionally, medications will be used to manage withdrawal when appropriate. When the detox phase is complete rehabilitation can begin.

There are day programs (outpatient) and overnight hospital settings (inpatient) available for substance use strugglers. There are also residential options available.

Counseling Is an Important Aspect of Addiction Recovery for Many 

One of the treatment staples for individuals experiencing substance use disorders is talk therapy. This allows you to work through your struggles with a trained professional who can do an excellent job relating to you.

Are you struggling with an addiction of some kind or a substance use disorder? The OC Relationship Center is here for you. Scheduling an appointment only takes a moment and can be the beginning of a much better life. We offer counseling in Mission Viejo and Newport Beach, CA.

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