Clever Ways to Tell Your Partner That You’re Pregnant

Whether this baby is your first or your fifth, there’s something exciting about the moment when the double line appears. After you’ve checked — and likely triple-checked — to be sure that you really are pregnant, you’ll probably want to tell those who mean the most to you. Before you start decorating the nursery, consider some clever ways that you may want to spill the beans. We’ve compiled a variety of ways for you to surprise your sweetheart or family with the important news.

  • Next time you’re near a photo booth, drag your partner in for a picture. Right before the camera clicks, offer a glimpse of the positive pregnancy test. Let the photo booth do the job of capturing the moment on film. Later, you can copy the photo strip and use it as a pregnancy announcement to others.
  • Few people can resist a good movie, especially when they are the star! Make a slideshow with pictures showing the timeline of your relationship from beginning to present. Make the final slide an announcement of where your relationship is headed.
  • Lay out a pair of your shoes lined up next to a pair of your partner’s shoes on the cement. Use sidewalk chalk to identify the years of your births below the shoes. Then, add a pair of shoes for any of your children and their years of birth, including a pair of baby shoes with the year your little one will be born.
  • Place a note in a jewelry box that reads, “This is the size of our baby” and your estimated due date. Attach a small bean to the paper, then wrap the box and deliver as a gift.
  • If you already have a pet, create a decorative chalkboard sign and take a photo of your pet with it. On the chalkboard, write “If you think I’m trouble now… Wait till you meet my partner in crime. Baby (your last name) due (your due date).” Present the photo in a fun frame as a gift.
  • Tie twine around a chocolate bar along with a handwritten note that reads, “If I’m going to get big, so are you.”
  • Make a memorable debut with a breakfast plate. On it, place cut-out letters spelling, ‘I’M PR’ next to an Eggo waffle.
  • Head to a do-it-yourself pottery store or simply get a non-toxic pen to write on a plate you already have. Cook a nice meal for your partner and when the food is eaten, the words ‘We’re pregnant’ will appear. Surprise!

While there are tons of unique ways to make a pregnancy announcement, the most important thing is that you and your partner enjoy the reveal. Find a way that captures your personality for a memory to enjoy forever.

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