Can Your Female Friends Find Partners for You to Date

Can Your Female Friends Find Partners for You to Date

Wondering if your female friends can find you a date? The short answer is, “Sure, they can.” However, there’s a little more to it than that.

Here are some things to consider as you entertain the possibility of your female friends sending a date your way.

Consider it a Form of Dating “Networking”

When people are looking for a new job or more customer leads for their business, they network. They ask around, especially to those they are closest to first.

This serves two major benefits. First, your close friends rub shoulders with people you never would. Second, they generally have a solid understanding of what would be a good career fit for you.

In the same way, this “networking” can happen in the dating world. Your close female friend, knowing you, may come across someone who could be a great fit.

There’s built-in rapport on both sides (you and your potential date). Of course, it’s possible this may not work out for you. However, it sure beats shooting into the dark and hoping to hit the bull’s eye.

The Quality of Your Female Friends Matters

There are all sorts of friends. Some are more like acquaintances than actual friends. Of course, you’ll want to place higher value on a potential date that a very close friend recommends.

Another thing to consider are the values of your female friend suggesting a date for you. For instance, your friend may be into the “hookup culture” while you want the opposite (a committed relationship instead of another short-lived fling).

Weighing the relational goals you value as compared to your friend will help you evaluate the likelihood of success.

Another thing to be careful of is this: your friend could mistakenly think a potential date would be good for you because she values certain traits in that person. In reality the traits you’re looking for could be vastly different from what your friend values.

This is often done innocently: Like you might buy a birthday gift for your friend because you would like the gift rather than considering what she would like.

Ultimately, Make Your Own Dating Decisions

The bottom line is that you need to think independently of your friends. The advice of your female friends, while valuable, isn’t flawless.

Should you date the person that your female friend suggested? Should you continue dating that person?

Ultimately, these are questions only you can answer. Going on a date just to please your friend is a bad idea. You’re the one responsible for your decisions and who will better or worsen your life based on those choices.

Are you struggling with how to navigate the dating world? There’s a lot of misinformation out there that can send you searching in the wrong direction.

The OC Relationship Center has helped many people over the years who were struggling with the complexities of dating. You can schedule an appointment at our Newport Beach or Mission Viejo locations and receive evidence-based guidance on how to proceed.

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