Relationship Difficulties?

Image of two men after same-sex couples counseling Mission Viejo.Are you struggling in your relationship? At Relationship Center of OC, we provide therapy to all types of couples. We offer engaged couples counseling, marriage counseling, counseling for those who are dating, and same-sex couples counseling Mission Viejo.

We understand that same-sex couples can have additional relationship challenges and our mission is to help you get along better and be happier.

Same-Sex Couples Counseling Mission Viejo can help with these issues:

  • Bickering, arguing, or lack of connection
  • Trust Issues
  • Processing past loves and losses
  • Negotiating how much connection with others (aka ‘monogamy rules’)
  • A difficulty with limited extended family acceptance/connection
  • Parenting differences
  • Differences in intimacy desires
  • The desire to remain friends with an ex (when the partner objects)
  • Communication difficulties

If you are experiencing any of these issues, we at the Mission Viejo Relationship Center of OC want to help.

Same-sex-couplesMost of us did not learn as children how to have easy, successful relationships. Relationship researchers have discovered the skills it takes to make relationships last – and be more fulfilling. The good news is that most people can learn these simple relationship and communication skills. Our relationship counselors teach couples these skills and then help by giving feedback. Our goal is to help couples connect better and be happier. We are experts at teaching these skills and we look forward to sharing them with you.

Don’t wait until things get more difficult.

We have convenient appointment times – days, evenings and weekends.

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