Introducing: Couples Counseling for One.

Relationships can be stressful. We know that. Children, finances, in-laws, intimacy are all areas that can cause conflict in even the best of relationships. And as counselors, we have devoted our careers to helping people navigate these issues and be happier. We know that talk therapy can help.

But what if your mate doesn’t want to come to couples counseling? What then?

Couples Counseling for OneThere is great news. For more than 20 years, we have helped relationships improve when one open and willing partner comes to counseling with the goal of improving the relationship. Yes, that is right. We call it “couples counseling for one!”

Here is how it works. You share your story – all the concerns and gripes you have. We hear you with compassion. We don’t, however, jump in and tell you that you are 100% right and your mate is all wrong. That  would be disrespectful to the relationship and in all honesty, is unlikely to help you two get along better.

You see, with our ‘couples counseling for one’ service, our client is not just you – it is actually you and your relationship. We want you and your partner to be happier and we’ve helped many relationships improve – even though we have only one person in our consultation room.

We help you to find ways to make yourself happier and the relationship better. We are experts at this because we can often see both points of view – you and your mate’s – and we help you find answers and new ways of thinking, interacting and behaving.

So if you are tired of the way things are – and tired of trying to get your mate to counseling – then please call us today at 949-393-8662 or text us (949-393-8662) and tell us you want ‘couples counseling for one’ and we’ll get you started with your first appointment.