Art Imla, LMFT

Art Imla
Art Imla
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Meet Art

“Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin.

Hello! I’m Art Imla.  I am excited about working with you! I’ve had over a decade of counseling in many different environments while working with children, adolescents, and adults. I also provide clinical supervision to newer therapists.

Clients have told me that I’m highly empathetic and that I can put myself in the shoes of others. I appreciate hearing that because I believe that when I can deeply understand where someone is at the time we start counseling, then we can navigate towards their goal together much more successfully (and quicker!).

How I work

I’m the coach in your corner. I’ll cheer you on, back you up, and call you out if there’s a way we can do it better. I love to use analogies, which can be quirky or odd at times (hopefully, they are helpful and even funny at times!). When we are done with our work together I love to hear that my clients enjoyed the experience, even if it wasn’t always easy, because they got to where they wanted to be. 

More about me

When I am not working at SoCal Counseling Center, I volunteer with the Red Cross as part of the Disaster Mental Health team. We provide services to families who might just have had their worst day. We provide crisis counseling to fellow Red Cross volunteers and first responders as well.

But it is my young son that is my greatest joy.  I love seeing his growth and curious exploration of the world. My plan is to join him in the Cub Scouts as a troop leader. I think this will be a great adventure for us both.

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