Please note: you have reached an out of date page – we are not able to accept any clinicians who are not licensed and have more than 4+ years experience. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Welcome! I’m so excited to share this opportunity with you.

Please watch the 8 minute video below and follow the application instructions. We’ve had a lot of applicants so if this appeals to you, please follow ALL the directions. (Thanks in advance.)

Please note until recently we were looking for those with at least 4 years LICENSED experience. However we now have an opening for ONE MFT intern with at least 1,000 supervised experience. Couples experience is desired as most of our counseling is couples work.

Compensation for MFT Intern: $38/hour. We are asking for 10 hours of availability. We expect that we will be able to give you one to 4 new clients a month and you will be paid $38 for each session that you see clients. So, as you are filling your caseload, there will be hours that we ask you to be available but that you will not be paid for. This is all a part of building a caseload. (Supervision provided)

When you are done watching this video, if you feel you are a good fit for one of our part time Therapist positions, please do the following:

1. Email your CV to me, Casey Truffo at (If you are an intern, please indicate how many hours you have acquired.)

2. Please call our private comment line at 1 (512) 827-0505 Ext 4560 and leave your name, email and phone number and answer these 3 questions (You have 15 minutes max):

– What did you find in the video here that touched you?
– Tell me about your experience with couples.
– How do you feel about our idea of ‘love them into and through our practice’?

We look forward to learning about you!

Please note that applicants who do not follow these directions will be not be considered. We are looking for people who are motivated, team players and can easily and completely follow directions. Thanks.

Many hugs and blessings,