Get Help For Your Relationship Today From OC’s Premier Couples Counseling Center.

We Have Over 60 Years of Combined Experience Helping Couples Like You.

Research shows that the following warning signs, if not resolved, can result in breakup or divorce:
  • Feeling Criticized or Defensive
  • More Arguing or Negative Interactions
  • Feeling Lonely or Disconnected
  • Lack of Emotional or Physical Intimacy
  • Increased Distance Between You
  • Affairs
  • Trust Issues
If one or more of these warning signs are appearing in your relationship, don’t wait until it is too late. Let us help.

Why OC Couples Choose Orange County Relationship Center? (Serving Newport Beach, Irvine and Mission Viejo.)

We know that choosing the right counselor can make or break a relationship. Here is why many couples in OC choose us.

Experience and Passion.

We have over 60 years combined experience helping people like you find solutions to their life and relationship problems. We LOVE helping couples find their way back to each other.


When a couple is struggling – whether with arguing too much or perhaps not speaking at all, the couple needs a counselor who can help them find their way back together – rather than just being a good listener. We will not referee the fight of the week; that would be a waste of your money. We will help you find the solutions and way through the struggle. This means we give feedback during each session and will often give homework assignments.

Advanced Training in Couples Therapy

Not all therapists are alike. Sadly, many have not been trained beyond their initial coursework in how to get great results with couples. We actively seek out additional training in working with couples so that you get the most qualified couples therapist.