Is your mate doing things you just don’t understand?


  • My-partner-is-texting

    Texting in secret

  • Hiding a cell phone

  • Not returning your calls

  • Or maybe there has been an affair.

You probably have a myriad of emotions: angry and furious one moment, then lonely and scared the next.

Maybe you think, “I am afraid we will be separate but I don’t want to break up our family.” And yet, staying there when things are like this does not feel good either.

Let’s see if we can rebuild your trust.
It is normal to have these feelings and thoughts. But you want to be less stressed and happier – so let’s see if we can make it better.


Let’s see if we can help you feel more connected and if you want, learn to trust again.

Hi, my name Is Casey Truffo and I am the executive director of the Relationship Center of Orange County. Our team of caring, motivated, senior marriage counselors have helped hundreds of couples to get along better and learn to trust again. We’d like to help you too.

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