Michele LeWinter, LMFT

Michele LeWinter
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Meet Michele

“Show up, do the work, don’t be too attached to the outcome”

Hello! I am Michele LeWinter, a senior clinician, and licensed marriage and family therapist. I absolutely love helping couples be the best version of themselves so they can grow up together. (Yes, I say “grow up” because seriously – no one gave us the ’Relationship 101 Handbook before we found ourselves in one, did they?)

To be an expert with relationships, I’ve had extensive training in how to best help couples. I’ve also worked in addiction treatment centers. As we all know, addiction can wreak havoc not only on the person struggling with it but also on the couple and family.

My interest in therapy began at age 16. At that time in my life, I was having a hard time. An excellent and compassionate therapist helped me to feel so much better. From then on, I knew I would devote my professional life to others who were struggling.

How I work

Clients have described me as open, warmhearted, and funny. (I do love humor!) My style is direct and practical, coupled with compassion and playful.  When a couple is ready to show up and learn, I am all in! My job is to provide insight, understanding, and offer practical tools so people can move from pain to peace. I love teaching new skills to couples. Watching couples reconnect as they try new ways of relating is extremely rewarding for me!

But we all know that life is messy. No matter what we do, new stressors or some old issues can pop back up. My goal is that each client leaves our work together feeling capable of managing whatever ‘messiness’ life throws at them.

More about me

When I am not working at SoCal Counseling, I love to cook. In fact, I’ve catered some of our SoCal Counseling Center holiday parties back when we could safely have social gatherings! I also enjoy walking on the beach and spending time with my family.

On a personal note, I have two children that are my joy. One of my children is on the Autism Spectrum, and I’ve learned a lot about that. Over the years, he has also taught me a lot about patience and compassion.

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