Jozella Olaer, LMFT

Jozella Olaer
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Meet Jozella

Advice from a Tree: 
Stand Tall & Proud
Go out on a Limb
Remember your Roots
Drink Plenty of Water
Be content with your Natural Beauty 
Enjoy the View” – Ilan Shamir

Hi! I am Jozella, a licensed clinical social worker. Since 2011, I have had the privilege of being in the social services and mental health field. I’ve enjoyed working with all types of individuals, from teens to seniors. 

My love for therapy began when I started working at a group home for transitional age youth back in college. At the same time, I was also working at my second job as a Summer Counselor for two summers at a youth program for the visually impaired. I knew this was my path!

How I work

I am here to help by guiding clients in finding motivation and hope in the circumstances they are dealing with. I will be direct when needed, realistic, and provide helpful feedback. 

By providing clarity, guidance, and direction, I hope to help clients find meaning in their life journey and substance in their relationship with themselves and their role as a family member, as a man/woman, as a son/daughter, partner. I especially enjoy working with those experiencing anxiety, depression, difficulty in life transitions, or a new role in life, especially with those experiencing break-ups. They can be so painful!

When a client has experienced bad things in their life, my job is to understand their trauma and explore how they could find more support. I believe it is from knowing there is hope and help that we build resiliency. This way, we have resources (internal and external) when life throws us curveballs. I love it when I see my clients handle complex, new challenges with more ease and confidence!

More about me

Here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I traveled solo back in my early 20’s to Panama and explored the Amazon Jungle and Peru. I hiked the trail to Machu Picchu for 4 days with a guide.
  2. I grew up going on mission trips with my parents to various hard-to-reach and underserved communities and villages in the Philippines to assist in providing medical and dental care. 
  3. My fiancé and I have been spending time at Sequoia National Park for the last 3 summers. Have you been? I think it is one of the best places ever!
  4. Okay, now this was way back: I wrote for the School Newspaper for 2 years back in high school. My pieces were about sports. I even wrote an article that my school should have more varieties in serving pizza than Cheese & Pepperoni as the only options. (I wonder if they still offer pizza?)

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