Elaine Zaragoza, LCSW

Elaine Zaragoza
Elaine Zaragoza
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Meet Elaine

“This too shall pass.”

Hi! I am Elaine Zaragoza, a licensed clinical social worker. Throughout my life, I’ve always been the one to lend an ear, the one listening while others talked. When I was a senior in high school, I took a college course, and I chose Psych 101 and have been in love ever since. I love the idea of making a difference one session at a time,  one client at a time, to change a person’s world as my way of changing the world.  

How I work

Most of the time, I would say I am a calm and patient person. That said, I will at times give a firm nudge to help anyone move toward the direction they want to go. My clients have described me as practical, optimistic, and hopeful. 

When I’m asked who I most want to work with, my answer is simple: anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, or overwhelming stress, which spills over to the relationships in their life. Because relationships make life so rich, and when anxiety and stress impact one partner, all are affected. 

As our work progresses, I am overjoyed when I see the changes in my clients…simple but profound changes that make a world of difference and lead them to happier and more fulfilling lives. When our work is complete, I want each client to feel empowered to conquer any struggle or difficulty utilizing the coping tools in their toolbox.

More about me

I am a stepmother to amazing, energetic, awesome 11-year-old twin boys who keep me busy and on my feet!

If you are tired of your emotions controlling you, please give Elaine a call at 949-393-8662, or text us, or click here to schedule an appointment today if you are ready to get started now.

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