Brittany Rizzo, LMFT

Brittany Rizzo
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Meet Brittany

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

Hi! I am Brittany Rizzo, a licensed marriage and family therapist. Originally I am from the East Coast but am happy to call sunny So Cal my home now.

I read books my entire childhood. As I grew into a teenager, I read more books regarding mental health. I was drawn to understanding people’s stories. From the time I first volunteered as a teenager, I learned I wanted to help people with their emotional struggles. And here I am years later! Doing what I love by helping our community feel better!

I enjoy working with clients struggling with anxiety and painful times in their past. A specific interest of mine is young adults or college students going through transitional changes, or experiencing mental health symptoms for the first time.

During my college years, I experienced a huge transition and it re-shaped my views of the world. And I began to understand my own mental health. Years later, I still feel a strong calling to educate and normalize the struggles of transition to adulthood.

How I work

My first goal with each new client is to really understand their complex history and view of the world. Once I truly understand their unique situation, then we move into action. I’ve been described as easy-going, patient, compassionate, and a quick-thinker.

My work is about healing the emotional scars people carry. Sometimes that is about rewriting the narrative of their life so far – so that they feel stronger and more capable of tackling whatever comes their way. Other times it means learning new skills which can be really exciting.

Highlights for me in a session are when someone has an “ah-ha” moment and they understand themselves better. This understanding can lead to even better life choices and more freedom and ease in life. I love it when I see that!

Education is also a large part of my work with clients. As a seeker myself, I am always learning about how to better impact the lives of my clients. I like sharing what the research says helps with anxiety and depression. With each new training, I add to my toolbox of effective, evidence-based strategies.

More about me

Art and music are particular passions for me. (Fill with Britt stuff here)

Also, I have type 1 diabetes. This has been a ‘gift in dirty paper’ I guess. Having a chronic illness takes time and effort to manage as many of you probably know and understand. But that said, I think having diabetes has taught me a lot about how to really take care of myself – not only physically – but emotionally too. Although I have to work at it, each day I try to exercise self-compassion.

Whatever you are struggling with right now, I am here to help you. Is it time?

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