What’s the most absurd myth about people who seek mental health counseling? That it’s for crazy people.


It’s easy to look at your neighbors, colleagues, friends or people you pass on the street and assume they all have strong marriages, happy kids and a healthy self-esteem. But how could you possibly know that? The reality is that most people suffer from some sort of mental health disorder at some time in their lives, and today people are more open than ever to turning to mental health counseling for help.


(Please note that in this context, we don’t mean to imply actual scientific diagnoses of mental health disorder but simply a catch-all for any kind of emotional distress.)


Mental depression Newport Beach —when it’s a family affair


At the Relationship Center of Orange County, we understand that emotional suffering often goes hand-in-hand with marriage and relationship problems.


Here’s why:


For some couples, when one partner can’t seem to find their way out of depression, anxiety, grief or another mental health disorder, the other partner may feel helpless because they can’t solve the problem, or even lose patience and grow angry and frustrated over time.


Sometimes it goes the other way. Whatever is causing problems in the marriage—lack of trust, poor communication, frequent fighting or something else—the troubled relationship itself can lead one or both partners to experience symptoms of a mental health disorder.


That’s why our mental health programs are often based on a holistic approach to therapy. You don’t live in a bubble, and if your emotional suffering is either causing or resulting from problems in your relationships, those are key areas we can work through together.


 You need not suffer alone


Through our mental health programs in Newport Beach, we can help you discover the root causes of your pain, conflict in your marriage or relationship, or other issues you want to work on. Call us today or make an appointment online. You’ll feel better just knowing you’ve taken the first step.