Have fighting, worry and tension have taken over your family life? Seeking local, Orange County family counseling can help.

Truly, nothing matters more to you than the health and happiness of your family. Yet we often fail to recognize how important a strong, supportive family unit is to the well being of each individual within the family. That’s where Orange County family counseling can be a tremendous help to both individuals and families who are suffering.

It’s so tempting to ask: I’m not the one in our family having trouble—so why do I need therapy? But a family is more than the sum of its parts. A problem affecting one family member may be the cause—or the symptom—of problems and unhealthy patterns elsewhere in the family. You can find help through Orange County family counseling to work on getting things back on track.

Family counseling as preventative medicine

We also see clients who are interested in using family counseling as a tool to help avoid potential problems in the event of major life changes. When divorced people who have children from prior marriages decide to remarry, for instance, they often choose to go through Orange County family counseling in order to talk through the hopes, expectations and concerns of everyone involved.

Changes like these are never seamless or pain-free, as much as we’d like to think. Family counseling is a positive way to try and build a solid foundation for the new family you’re creating and show that you’re there to support one another and get off on the right foot together.

Where to find help

When you need a professional, neutral party to turn to and you live in or near Orange County, family counseling through the Orange County Relationship Center is just a phone call or visit to our website away. One of our licensed marriage and family therapists will work with you to uncover unhealthy family dynamics, encourage open, honest communication, and develop relationship skills to help you heal as a family.