Relationship Difficulties?

Couple Talking After Session of Couples Counseling Mission ViejoDon’t wait until it is too late.

Our Couples Counseling Mission Viejo can help you to:

  • resolve conflict
  • build trust
  • repair emotions after an affair
  • get on the same page
  • increase intimacy.

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We’ve helped hundreds of Orange County couples to feel better and be happier with couples counseling. Whether you are married, same-sex, long-time partners, or newly dating, our mission is to help you find more happiness, more love, and more ease.

Pre-marital Counseling – preparing for marriage?

We offer two kinds of pre-marital counseling.

  1. A FOCCUS inventory which is a comprehensive, user-friendly, tool to help couples prepare for marriage. This questionnaire helps to identify the couples areas of agreement and success – as well as areas of disagreement. After the couple fills out the questionnaire, your therapist will identify areas for discussion. Pre-marriage sessions offer a unique opportunity to celebrate a couple’s strengths, practice positive communication skills, and explore important areas that may present problems later
  2. Couples counseling to resolve areas of struggle prior to marriage. This might mean wrestling with a communication or extended family issue – or differences in lifestyle.

Counseling for Individuals

Try Couples Counseling Mission Viejo to help you keep your healthy relationship on track!Men: Are you successful at work but want:

  • less drama?
  • more ease in your relationship?
  • to decide what to do about an affair?

At OC Relationship Center, we offer counseling for men to help you clarify what you want, feel more appreciated, and be happier.

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Women: It is time to feel better.

  • Improve the relationship you have
  • Reduce stress
  • Stop arguing
  • Feel happier and more confident

Be happier with counseling in Mission Viejo and Newport Beach at The Relationship Center of OCWe are here for you whether you are looking for:

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