What happens in the first session?

Great question! When you arrive, please have a seat in our waiting room. At your appointment time, your therapist will greet you and invite you into a confidential consulting room. Your therapist will invite you to share your story and will help you articulate why you are seeking help at this time. Our only goal is to help you be happier in your relationship. That is it. So we will find out from you what is not working and help you work together to make it better. If all goes well, you and your therapist will then decide how often you will meet and what issues you will work on together.

Do you take insurance for reimbursement?

We understand that having health insurance can be important when you have medical issues and expenses. However, many insurance companies do not pay for couples counseling as they do not see relationship struggles as a medical problem.

And we agree – relationship issues are not medical problems. That said, you may find therapists that are willing to take your medical insurance for counseling.

Using your medical insurance for counseling has some risks involved to you though. You see, in order to use your medical insurance, you must be given a mental disorder diagnosis which will now be listed on your medical records. This can cause problems later when you might be asked “have you ever been diagnosed with a mental illness?” on a job application or when applying for health insurance or life insurance.

We want to help you and your relationships – not potentially cause you problems later due to a diagnosis on your records. That is why we do not take health insurance as reimbursement.

If you have a PPO and want to discuss getting a receipt to turn in for reimbursement, please call 949.220.3211 and ask to speak directly to our Director, Casey Truffo.

What do you charge for counseling?

Our team of highly trained, seasoned marriage and family therapists has been carefully chosen to help you. And we will be direct here – if you want low-cost counseling, we are not your option. Our rates are $195 for each 45-minute session. If you have questions about the fees or our therapists, please feel free to contact our Client Ambassador at 949-430-7353 or text us (949.430.7353).

Can you guarantee I will feel better after therapy?

Our entire mission is ‘Peace of Mind and Heart.’ We focus everything we do on that mission. We believe in relationships and we want you to be happy at home.

We also know that people who attend counseling are 6 times more likely to feel better than those who try to solve their problems on their own. That said, like anything, you get out of therapy what you put into it. While we can’t guarantee you will end up happier, we can say that our clients who stay the course and who up show up committed to the process achieve results that make them significantly happier in their lives and relationships. And we promise to do our best to help and support you on your journey. As part of that promise, we want your feedback along the way. We will actively seek out your opinions on how you see the therapy is progressing so that we can be of the most and best service to you.

As a therapist, are you going to tell me (or us) what to do?

We are here to help you sort out your thoughts and feelings so that you can make decisions in ways that will help you feel better. We won’t tell you what to do but we will support you as you explore your options. As experienced marriage and family therapists, we will help you and your partner understand what is not working and teach you the skills to help you get what you want.